<h1>Elyatek : electronic component wholesaler in Lyon France</h1><p>We are specialized in high power and semiconductor for industry. We are <span style="font-weight: bold;">Stockist and distributor of electronic component</span> based in Lyon, it sells in France and abroad RF and HF components, as well as of integrated circuit and produced in high power.</p><br/>

Electronic components Elyatek

Welcome !

ELYATEK is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components.

We can supply a wide range of products for power electronic (IGBT, diodes, thyristors,
IPM modules, MOSFET modules...) for RF & Hyper (transistors, HF modules) and integrated circuits, memories, relays, displays ...

All components shipped (power modules, military components, HF devices, obsolete components) came with C.O.C. standing for : original products, RoHS, PBF or not, un-programmed

Feel free to check online the availability of thousands of line items.